Single Spring Replacement Installed $149


Standard Springs. Special order springs may have an additional cost. Must mention offer when scheduling service.


Double Spring Replacement Installed $224


Standard Springs. Special order springs may have an additional cost. Must mention offer when scheduling service.


Spring Adjustment / Replacement for your Garage Door 


One of the most common repairs we perform is for broken garage door springs. Most people are under the impression that the garage door opener is the component that opens and closes the garage door, however, it is actually the springs that do the heavy lifting.


Should a spring in your garage door become damaged or broken, it is crucial you call professionals to help. Those springs are strong enough to hold the entire weight of your garage door, meaning one wrong move or mistake could cause your garage door to fall shut and harm anything in its path.

Don’t risk your safety — call a professional from your local garage door company. At A1 Craftsman Handyman Service, we set you up to safely use your garage door for years to come. Our team always has the right tools and a variety of standard springs on hand to make sure we have the right fit for your door. From the smallest repair to total replacement, our team can handle it all. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your repair.

We look forward to serving your home Greater Sacramento, Solano County, and Contra Costa County with the utmost care and attention to detail. We get the job done right the first time.


Spring Repair Best Practices

1. Replacing Both Springs

Most garage doors have two springs installed at the same time, so when one breaks it's safe to assume that the second spring's life expectancy is about expire as well. In order to save you from future inconvenience, unsafe garage door practices, and damaging your garage door opener, it is generally recommended to replace both springs when one fails.

2. Using The Right Springs

Since garage doors come in a variety of weights and sizes, the right springs must be installed in order to properly balance the door. This is why our technicians only install the correct springs for a door's weight and check their work by performing a balance test.

3. Safety Inspection

With every spring repair, our technicians perform a safety inspection to make sure all hardware and moving parts on your door are in good working condition and meet safety standards.

What is the average lifespan of a garage door spring?

Anywhere from six to twenty years. That’s a big span, isn’t it? The reason is because, like anything, the average lifespan of a garage door spring depends on the factors involved. The factors which determine how long garage door springs last include the rating of the torsion spring and the number of times per day the garage door cycles. Typically, if a garage door is used as the main point of entry to the home, the life expectancy will be shorter as it cycles much more often than one which is only used as a car parking device.

Weather, especially cold and rust, will also play a factor in how long a garage door spring will last, as well as maintenance of the spring, assembly and the door, itself.


What are the different types of garage door springs?

The two basic types of springs are torsion springs and extension springs.


Are torsion springs better than extension springs?

Torsion springs are capable of handling more weight and last longer than extension springs, but they’re a more expensive option. So, while extension springs are often used in new home construction, torsion springs are a better option during replacement. They are less exposed and safer all around.