Garage Door Opener Installation, Repair and Inspection 


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Whether you’ve lost your garage door opener or, you’ve hit the button repeatedly but the door simply won’t open, we can help. Avoid the hassle of a missing or broken garage door opener by calling the professionals at A1 Craftsman Handyman Service. With a wide selection of garage door openers and accessories, you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. From wireless remotes to key fobs, you’ll never be stuck outside your garage again.

Simply give our team a call and let us know what’s been going on. Whether the button has fallen off or your repeated pressing yields no results, our technicians can take a look. The issue could be within the remote or the machinery itself. Regardless of the problem, our team has the skills and tools solve it.

Be sure to contact A1 Craftsman Handyman Service for all of your garage repair and installation needs. We understand the inner workings of garages, and we use this knowledge to provide quick, affordable repair. Call us now to learn more or request our services.

How do garage door openers work?

Garage door openers work by counterbalancing the weight of the door with springs. The pull of the spring needs to be equal to the weight of the door in order for it to open.

What is the frequency of garage door openers?

A garage door opener operates at between 300-400 MHz, with code rolling. More on that below.

How much does it cost to install a new garage door opener?

A new garage door opener will cost between $200 and $650 on up. Garage door openers can be basic or have advanced and Smart features.

What is a rolling code garage door opener?

Code rolling is the process which a garage door opener automatically changes the code every time the door is opened. Code rolling is a security measure to prevent hacking.

How long do garage door openers last?

The life of a garage door opener depends on how often the opener is used, the general maintenance and repair of the door and components, and the type of garage door opener. Generally it will last ten to twelve years.