Why You Should Have a Garage Door

A garage door offers some benefits which make them well worth the investment. These benefits are the reason that keeping a garage door working and in good repair is essential. Some of the benefits a garage door offers are part and parcel of owning a home which has one but don't always stand out.

As anyone who has ever had a carport knows, garage doors transform the area meant to park the car into valuable space for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons to add a garage door and to keep an existing garage door in good working order:



Since a garage door often takes up a large portion of the front view of the home, and ugly garage or one which is in poor shape can be an embarrassment and make the whole house look ugly. Beauty is the reason that a new garage door offers such a high ROI compared to other projects.


The most startling thing about a carport or open parking is the complete lack of privacy involved. After adding a garage door, the 'goldfish effect' is gone. Once the garage door is down, the homeowner has a substantial level of privacy.

Most garage door windows are high enough that no one short of the tallest basketball player is ever going to be able to peer into the windows.


A garage doors offer entry security, so many homeowners don't bother to lock the pass-through door between the garage and their home. Smart garage door systems provide additional security features, as well.


The garage door is the new home entry, with many homeowners reporting that they no longer use their front door to access their home for any reason. 

"We don't even have a key to our front door, and we've lived in this house for six years," one homeowner told us.  

The garage door is perpetually used as an entry because so many homeowners don't often travel without their car. 


Storage in a carport without a garage door isn't particularly secure. But, more importantly, storage of items in a garage where all the world can see can be problematic. 25% of all homeowners say they their garage is too cluttered even to fit one of the family vehicles, and 30% say they keep their garage closed, so the neighbors don't see how messy they keep their garage. Marie Kondo aside, those are some pretty hefty numbers. 

If you've never had a garage door and want one, or if your garage door is ugly or in poor repair, why not give us a call? We can help!

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