The High ROI of a Garage Door Replacement

If I asked you which home improvement project which has one of the highest ROI values, replacing a garage door probably wouldn’t come to mind. But, in a yearly event, the 2018 Cost Versus Value study, hosted by Remodeling Magazine, replacing the garage door rates one of the top three highest ROI of all projects rated. And, the Sacramento Bay area boasts a 114.5% ROI, higher by far than the national ratings, but lower than the Pacific area ratings which rank as high as 120%, so the value isn’t going down. Here are our thoughts on this:


Curb appeal and resale value

Most garages are now located in the front of the house, making them very visible and therefore an item which strongly influences the curb appeal of a home. Replacing the garage door is not only a wise option if a homeowner wants to upgrade the looks of a house, but it will also raise the resale value, something anyone who is considering a home sale should be watching.

How to choose a style

Selecting the style of garage door has become more fun than ever, thanks to an abundant variety of designs. By using the house as a guide, the garage door choice can go one of two ways: either it can be one which blends seamlessly with the architecture of the home, or it can be one which stands out as the focal point of the front of a house or structure.

Consider the addition of garage door windows should also occur during the selection phase. Windows allow natural light into the garage, which can be a big plus. But, those same windows will let the heat to come in, as well, especially if they are on south or western exposure. So, when windows

Windows in clear glass, frosted, tinted, integrated grid, and other window options can offer the look and security a homeowner might want in every situation.

How to choose a material

Thanks to our mild climate, we aren’t forced to think about what might be the most practical during a snowstorm or tornado, but it’s still wise to consider the beating your garage door may take.

Consider the texture options during the planning phase. Silkgrain, sandgrain, micrograin are some of the compositions available for the surface of the door. There is also a wide variety of panel types from which to choose.

Also, having a garage door expert perform the installation will ensure smooth operation, great looks, and a beautiful door. By working together, a homeowner and expert can find a door that will boost the curb appeal of the home while remaining within budgetary limitations.

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