Garage Conversions for Workspace and Storage Use

A garage conversion looks just like a regular garage door from the outside. The inside is where the magic happens.

A garage conversion looks just like a regular garage door from the outside. The inside is where the magic happens.

When a homeowner needs space for a workshop or better storage, a garage conversion can focus on updating a detached, or in some cases, even an attached garage. To increase comfort, new doors and windows are typically installed, particularly in older garages where existing windows are fixed and single-pane. The reason is that the garage conversion will be a place where the homeowner typically spends more time than he would in a regular garage.

Automatic garage doors are typically kept as part of the garage door conversion to allow for convenience and easy access to larger items which are part of the hobby or projects.

Independent HVAC

Heating and air conditioning can be added to a garage, especially if a homeowner wishes to pursue hobbies or store materials that suffer damage in extreme temperatures. Adding an HVAC to a garage can be one of the more expensive updates, but also allows for much greater functionality of the space. If a homeowner has a workshop hobby, adding comfort to the garage enables work to be done outside of the main home. Weather stripping on doors is also added to increase comfort and keep utility costs down. Even with a fully functional garage door, in hot climates like the Phoenix area, air conditioning can be vital.

It should be noted that if the garage is attached to the main house, the space should not be heated and cooled as part of the main house because of the potential for CO2 poisoning if vehicles of any kind are stored in the area. This includes dirt bikes, gas lawn mowers, etc.


The more time a homeowner plans to spend in the garage in any capacity, the greater the argument to place drywall and epoxy flooring or another type of flooring to finish out the space. Permanent shelving can be installed, changing the storage capacity considerably. Finishing a garage also adds substantially to the value of the home. Before placing drywall, a contractor will do a thorough examination of the walls to see what structural fixes or updates need to be made. Once the drywall is in place, painting it is the natural next step.

With a garage remodeled into a more secure storage space, a homeowner can also use the space to store hazardous materials like fuels or paints. An important final step is updating attached doors to the most fire-resistant options available.

Updated but not fully converted

Garage spaces updated but not converted into a full living space open many possibilities for the homeowner. Storage capacity can be substantially increased, and the area can be more comfortable for workshopping. Permanent storage cabinets can increase the resale value and better organize belongings. The garage door adds substantially to a workshop by allowing access when necessary.

HVAC, drywall and updated insulation make the space more comfortable and allow for the safe storage of hazardous materials. The area feels more protected and private. With partial finishes, the space can even double as a bar or den, making the most of the charm for its rustic look and feel.

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